LAROOM brand was founded in 2010 by Eugenia Legkodymova.

The first 11 outfits, which Eugenia Legkodymova created, were presented at a home party. The mini-collection was so successful that the designer decided to create her own brand. The best models of the evening wear line from Laroom are still the most popular products of the brand. Inviting Perevalova Julia to become a partner and take over all the strategic issues, Eugenia focused on the collections. Without investments, the brand developed in small but sure steps. There was the first cozy studio, the first staff, and the first shops. In 2013 the brand opened a showroom in the center of Moscow, and in the same year the debut show was held within the framework of Mersedes-benz fashion week Russia.
In 2011, LLC "Larum" was officially registered as a company and in 2014 as a trademark of Laroom. Today the brand is chosen by leading stylists, celebrities and bloggers. The brand is actively represented on the leading multi-brand venues in Moscow, and is exhibited every month in Paris based show room "Find A Name".

What is Laroom? THERE’S ALWAYS ROOM FOR LAROOM . Room – space , La – a proposition of feminine gender. Phonetic and associative game in combination creating perception of female space and / or space intended solely for women, such as: wardrobe, boudoir or a separate female world. The preposition of the feminine gender in the name determines that the Brand is created only for women and reflects the core of Laroom, built on such feminine qualities as: romanticism, femininity, ease. Laroom is a product created for a strong independent woman who lives in a big city, works hard and stays elegant and feminine every day.

Brand’s DNA

We offer a quality product of a classic silhouette that will not go out of fashion for the next season. Elegance and class are timeless.
We cultivate elegance and romantic images. We create the most sensual and feminine outfits.
We pay special attention to the design of products and their details. Designer’s signature is  in every product that makes the garment an  art object.

True Fashion. Laroom decided to pass from “fast fashion” to a smarter way of fashion business. We oppose over-consumption and fast-fashion, promoting “honest fashion” and smart consumption. Laroom is an honest product of high quality created by our team based in Moscow. Our margins are several times lower than in the fashion industry, which is why we do not chase after endless sales and do not put many items on sale. Our main idea is to create a luxury author's product at an affordable price for a modern, thoughtful generation.

Italian fabrics are used to produce Laroom garments. Those ones are bought from small manufactories, where fabrics are made according to the traditions of the family business. The company gives preference to classical technologies, combined with modern solutions.